Look, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that fruits and vegetables are healthy. Most people (including brain surgeons) even know that when they’re digested in juice form, the health benefits are even greater. So why not create a fruit and vegetable juice that is healthy and tastes great too? We knew this task wouldn’t be easy, so we put our master chef to the challenge. And that’s when we created a juice cleanse that not only contains incredible amounts of, well, good stuff...but is also delicious. Yes, delicious! While we do realize that some of these juices may look like the Hudson River on a dreary fall day, they sure don’t taste like it! And why should they? Why are we always led to believe that anything nutritious must taste like (insert noun here)?

Many times meals may not be the most nutritious, or may even be missed altogether. Eureka was born from the notion that quite often the simplest solutions are right in front of us. Healthy diets, exercise and a balanced lifestyle means you’ll feel great about yourself. It’s that simple.

So what makes us different from the many other juices available in the market today? The taste. We all have vitamins, minerals and other great things , but we combine all those great benefits with pure deliciousness too. Simply put, fruits and veggies, plus a heap of yum, equals a healthier you. It’s that simple, and this was our Eureka moment.

See for yourself. We invite you to try our cleanse program, or keep a stash in your freezer to enjoy anytime you may need a boost. They’re even great with a shot of vodka....certainly more healthful than those pre-made martini mixes full of red dye #40. (That last suggestion is for those of you over 21.)

So whether you enjoy a cleanse, a bottle or just a shot.....it’s all good. Just enjoy, and have you own Eureka moment :-)

It's just good.

As a full-time working mom (of 5), wife and business owner, I certainly know how hectic life can get :-/

Many times meals may not be the most nutritious, or may even be missed altogether. Eureka was born from the notion that quite often the simplest solutions are right in front of us. Healthy diets, exercise and a balanced lifestyle means you’ll feel great about yourself. It’s that simple.

But living a healthy lifestyle certainly cannot be achieved after completing a one, three or five day cleanse (it’s not THAT simple), but it certainly is a good start. If you’re looking to recharge your batteries, gain an extra spring in your step, or replenish your body with nutrients it may be missing, a juice cleanse is a great place to start.

By simply enjoying 6 cold-pressed juices a day (in the recommended order), for 1, 3 or 5 days, you can expect to energize and cleanse your system so that you can operate at max capacity. Don’t we all need that?

And what happens once you’ve completed your cleanse? Drink plenty of water, continue drinking 1-3 juices per day, eat a balanced diet, try to maintain an exercise program, get plenty of rest, have fun, and/or make a buck.

Just keep juggling....and do your best to keep all of life’s balls in the air!


Choose from our 1, 3, or 5 day cleanses, or create your own!

Prefer to buy just your favorite blend? No problem.
Just needs to be ordered in packages of six for $99.

(Of course, please call or email anytime if you’d like additional information)

What is cold-pressed juice?
Cold-pressing is a decades old method of extracting the liquid from a plant, fruit or vegetable. Without the use of heat, the juice retains a greater amount of vitamins, minerals & enzymes.

What do you mean when you say your juices are raw? Unpasteurized? No HPP?
When we say that our juices are raw, we mean that nothing in them has been cooked, subjected to high temperatures in the juicing process or pasteurized. Pasteurization is a process whereby something destined for human consumption (like juice, for example) is brought to a very high temperature for a short period of time, and then immediately cooled down. The idea is to kill off potentially harmful bacteria and to slow the microbial growth that causes things to go bad, thereby reducing the risk of contamination and increasing shelf life. Pasteurization kills off healthy life forms along with the harmful ones.

Pascalization, or high pressure processing (HPP), is an alternative to pasteurization. Instead of heat, this process uses pressure to stunt the growth of pathogens. During HPP, sealed plastic bottles of juice are placed in water, and extreme pressure is applied for approximately 80 seconds. This extends a juice’s best-before date by approximately three weeks. Like pasteurization, this kills off healthy life forms along with the harmful ones, which would essentially defeat the purpose of drinking this delicious, healthy beverage.

How long do your juices last, and do they need to be refrigerated?
Because our juices are not artificially preserved in any way, they must be kept refrigerated, and must be consumed within 3 days after you receive them. If you cannot begin your cleanse (or enjoy the individual juices) within three days, you may keep them in your freezer for up to three months.

Are the juices vegan?
Yes they are vegan. No animal, poultry or fish products are added to our juice.

Are your juices gluten free?
Yes, all Eureka Juices are gluten free.

Are your juices kosher?
Yes, our juices are under the strict supervision of the Orthodox Union (OU).

Why cleanse?
Cleansing is a way of clearing the toxins from your system that build up over time. Even if you try to avoid processed foods and drinks, the stress and pollution our bodies endure on a daily basis can “clutter” our system. A cleanse can help to improve your digestion, increase your energy levels, and can help balance the alkaline in your body.

Can I still benefit from the juices if I don't want to do a cleanse?
Absolutely. While the juice cleanse has amazing effects and is designed to reboot your system, each bottle is jam packed wigh goodness. Keep a stash in your freezer and enjoy a boost anytime!

Will cleansing help me lose weight?
While you may lose a few pounds during a cleanse, only a consistently well-balanced diet and exercise will help you maintain a healthy weight. Use the cleanse as a fresh start to begining a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Can anyone cleanse?
The decision to cleanse is a personal one. However, if you have a medical condition or are on prescription medication, are pregnant or nursing, we strongly advise that you consult your doctor before considering a cleanse.

How often can I cleanse?
Some people feel that a multiple-day cleanse each month, or even a single-day cleanse each week, helps them feel their best. Again, you need to listen to your body, and (perhaps with your physician) determine what is best for you.

How should I prepare for my cleanse?
We recommend using the days leading up to your cleanse to prepare your body for this change by phasing out processed foods, refined flour, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dairy and meat. Drink plenty of water, begin introducing one to three juices (particularly green juices) into your daily routine, and make fresh vegetables the main focus of each meal.

How will I feel during the cleanse?
If you experience detoxification symptoms including nausea, muscle aches and/or headaches during your cleanse during your cleanse, we recommend increasing the amount of water you are drinking, sipping herbal tea, adding an additional juice or two to your cleanse, or, eating some raw vegetables or a light vegetable broth. Please remember: this is a set of guidelines, not a strict regime. Take cues from your body, and do what feels right for you. If symptoms persist, please consult your physician.

Can I drink water while cleansing?
Be sure to drink plenty of water during your cleanse. Herbal tea is an option as well. Staying hydrated is very important, however in order to gain the maximum benefits from each juice we recommend waiting 45 minutes after finishing a juice before drinking more water.

Can I work and/or exercise during my cleanse?
Yes and yes! Again, just be sure not to overdue it, and listen to your body.

Can I drink alcohol, coffee or caffeinated tea while cleansing?

How should I transition out of my cleanse?
Just as you prepared your body during the days before the cleanse, you’ll continue to keep processed foods, refined flour and sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dairy and meat out of your diet for at least the first few days, and prioritizing vegetables, fruit, pulses, whole grains and nuts. Your first few meals should be lighter, such as a smoothie for breakfast, a light salad or a vegetable soup for lunch, and steamed vegetables with some quinoa or brown rice for dinner. Drink lots of water, and continue drinking one to three juices per day. Take your cleanse as an opportunity to discard destructive old habits and form healthier ones. You’ll feel better for it.

Eureka Juice is NOT licensed to practice medicine; we are NOT a medical doctor; we do NOT give medical advice; this is NOT medical advice. If you need medical advice please seek out a professional medical doctor; nothing on this website shall be construed as medical advice. DISCLAIMER: It is advisable to seek professional [medical] advice prior to initiating any new regimen. Eureka Juice is NOT a medical organization and neither Eureka Juice nor its employees and/or staff can give any medical advice or diagnosis. Any/All information garnered from Eureka Juice shall NOT be interpreted as a substitute for medical advice or a doctor’s consultation, evaluation or treatment.


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